"We are all one. Every single little quark is united in the same cosmic soup. There are spaces but no boundaries. Boundaries are only thoughts"

Liz Mitten Ryan has always turned her love into art. She is a dedicated conservationist and a true philanthropist. As an artist, Liz has worked with conservation groups throughout the world raising awareness and millions of dollars for animals and their habitat.

Along with the honor of twice being B.C. Wildlife artist of the year, she has also been a national artist for Ducks Unlimited for twelve years. Liz has been recognized as a notable Canadian woman by Eaton's stores, invited to submit art by the Canadian Mint, and was a winner of the Habitat Canada stamp. Her art has been presented to well known dignitaries who support the environment, such as Premiers Harcourt and Clark, Vice-president Al Gore and England's Prince Philip.

Many of Liz's recent paintings are featured in the four books she has co-authored with her horses, dogs and cats. The books have won nine book awards including the coveted Nautilus Award in company with Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and the Dali Llama. One With the Herd, the first in the series won 5 Independent publishing awards and showcases many paintings of the landscapes and horses that are part of her life.

In the artist's words:

"Beyond our mundane interaction there is a thread of something much more important, a higher message and meaning that is weaving a fabric of our higher purpose here as spiritual beings. We are all miraculous God-beings, or more accurately, God becomings that can only see the picture of our entirety when each piece of the puzzle is in place. We are all pieces of that puzzle, evolving in each others company. With that in mind let us recognize our animals for the amazing spiritual beings that they are and begin to resonate in that oneness."