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One With The Herd - A Spiritual Journey

A Herd of horses, living as they would in the wild, but with the benefit of loving and supportive humans, share their secrets through the concept of EQUINISITY: 'the gift of finding the unexpected and truly important perspective through the clear and almost 360-degree vision of the equine.'

The award-winning book has brought people from all over the world to the 320-acre Equinisity Retreat Center to experience the inherent and natural connection we humans long ago shared with nature and animals and have over centuries forgotten.

There is more and more talk lately of revisiting our roots, living our hunter gatherer inheritance and connecting to our higher selves under the tuition of animals, in particular, horses, dolphins and whales. Animals are reaching out to be discovered and recognized for the amazing spiritual beings they are. Immersion in the natural world and the higher frequency of the herd leads us to live in our truth and listen to our intuition, finding and living our hearts desires.

Praise for One With The Herd - A Spiritual Journey
Has been called a classic - a timeless book to be read by all.

In the pages of "One With The Herd: A Spiritual Journey", author, artist, and horse breeder Liz Mitten Ryan draws upon her years of experience with her herd of eleven horses to share her reflections on our relationship to the planet upon which we live, the animals we share our planet with, and how we can best achieve peace, freedom, joy, and an appreciation for life and for living. Her engaging and thoughtful text is nicely illustrated with her own paintings, as well as occasional color photographs. "One With The Herd" is the deeply personal story of a woman who lives with a herd of 'wild' horses with whom she communicates, plays with, and rides without the use of tack on a remote 320-acre ranch in the high country of Canada. Within the context of a natural setting, Liz Mitten Ryan discovered profound spiritual truths rich in emotional texture and intellectual acumen through her interactions of her horses roaming freely over the grasslands, forests, meadows, and lakes of her ranch, only to return on their own to her barn where they benefit from a loving, open, supportive interaction with humans. "One With The Herd" is highly recommended for community library collections and will prove of very special interest to non-specialist general readers with an interest in horses, wildlife, spirituality, and metaphysical meditation.
- Midwest Book Review

One of the most unusual books I have received in a while is One With the Herd: A Spiritual Journey by Liz Mitten Ryan ($39.95, Communication Creativity). The author tells the story of a leap of faith she took seven years ago to dissolve her old life, leave her job, and relocate with her architect husband to a remove 320-acre ranch. She did not know what to expect, but what she discovered was that the silence and serenity of her new life would provide a higher consciousness as she began to breed and train horses. She discovered "the wisdom of the herd" and the photos and original artwork that came out of that experience augment the text which tells her story and her discoveries as she observed the eleven horses roam free and as riding any one of them with just a halter became a lesson in harmony. Horse lovers will love this book. Anyone who has shared this unique lifestyle or wants to know what she has learned from it will find this a wonderful reading experience. Visit to learn more.
- Bookreviews by Alan Caruba

One of the best pieces I have ever read
- Lisa Ross Williams - Host of "If Your Horse Could Talk" Show, Senior Editor of Equine Wellness Magazine

About Liz Mitten Ryan

When Liz Mitten Ryan moved to gateway 2 Ranch in 1999, she embarked on a life changing journey. The 320 acres of untouched forests, meadows and lakes, became the pasture and home to Liz and her herd of warmblood horses.

"One With The Herd- A Spiritual Journey" tells the story of how Liz lived in a wall tent for several months, following and communing with the herd, learning their secrets of connection and communication with The ALL (the horses' name for God) and all life.

When the house and barn were finished, the structure offered a shared space for the horses to return to daily, to rest and re-connect, communicating the mystery and magic of life lived from a place of clear connection to the ALL. This communication grew to encompass four books, co-authored by the horses, dogs, and cats which explain the animals perspective on life. Untainted by human mass mind consciousness, this perspective provides a life-changing understanding of the enlightened journey.

Artist, writer, animal communicator, Liz's art has raised millions of dollars for animals and the environment through groups such as World Wildlife, Earth Day International, Ducks Unlimited, and Habitat Canada. Her books have collectively won nine Independent Publishing awards at Book Expo America in Los Angeles.


Equinisity Press Release February, 2012


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